Few honest words to haters


I would like to express my sadness. Direct that words to all people trying to make all normal, positive people’s days miserable.
I would like to understand what happening in their poor, empty heads. Find out what drives them to try live other people lifes. Why they’re so interested to take care what’s happening in my life.
Run off! Start living your own life!
From a bottom of my heart, I don’t give a shit what do you think. What way I should live, your opinion doesn’t count in my life! I already proofed that I can live. I’m happy, successful and focus on my priorities.
Your jealously is your problem not my.
Few advises: get yourself into your life. Try to resolve your problems not my.
And in the end get yourself out of others lifes.
My life is great. Only because I’m keeping all dickheads out of it. If you ask me, yes I’m ignorant for them. Leave them out there, don’t care where…