Corporation world

I need to say that I worry. World is rolling faster and faster. More and more people can’t cope! Frustration, depression and more and more problems. In the same time everyone is “happy”, “successful”, “top class”!

No-one wants to admit that there are problems, everything goes to fast! Sucks! More and more people chase for perfection – fame, body, money, followers! F#%k it! Where is your happiness? Really? Starving yourself to get to size “0” is your dream? Working your heart and health out for corporation for peanuts make you happier? Buying new stuff with your credit card would put up in others eyes? Hundreds, thousands or millions followers mean success and happiness?

Why so many depressed people? So many, TOO Many suicides? Worst of all is that it’s most young people – with whole life to live! Pressure of, so called, society puts them to do a things above abilities to cope! It sucks!
Why we don’t ask ourselves – Am I happy? Do I have enough time for my wellbeing? Is that what I do giving Me satisfaction?

Don’t take me wrong. Others are important but followers and people busy with their own chases don’t really care! Huge corporations that they care about incomes, reducing expenses don’t give a shit if you are ok! They will find somebody else when you’re gone! In the blink of an eye! You’re just number, statistic in their plans. But you need then spend every penny on better products, newer, faster item.

Bullshit everywhere!

We need to stop and look around! Look at ourselves and cherish a moment. Yesterday and tomorrow don’t exist! We should remember yesterday to be able to create better OUR tomorrow!

It’s time to spend more time with kids, wife, husband but most important with yourself! Enjoy your life before it’ll be too late! Learn to say NO to things that don’t make your life better!

F#%k you corporation world. Welcome my World!