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It was a while…

Boys are bigger, faster, bolder… more annoying! They know what they want… and they want everything!

This time I was going to gym and I’ve asked them if they would like to come with me… They were buzzing and were ready in no time! Normally it takes them ages to get up and get ready! We went to Reebok CrossFit NI where I work with Marcin. Boys had lots of questions and were wondering if they will be able to lift… I’ve tried to explain that coach will keep them safe first then try some workouts that are safe for them… This is what it came up:

Zack and Kai at Reebok CrossFit NI with coach Marcin!

In the car on the way back they were asking when we’ll go again! Soon!

For me, most important is to keep them safe and I know that for that the Coach is most important person. First don’t hurt and be knowledgeable! Marcin is the person for the job! I know that boys and I, we are safe and working our best!

It was amazing to see Zack and Kai capable and happy to do different kind of physical activity. For their active lives strength and conditioning will be crucial for future, injury free sports’ life!

If you planing to start or back to some kind of the trainings, remember, generic plans and programs will not meet your individual needs! Be safe and smart and work with programs that give you best options personalised to your needs and abilities!